Do-BeMindful 7 Day Challenge – Week 3

Do-BeMindful 7 Day Challenge – Week 3

For this week’s challenge we’d like you to write down a list of all the people that you love – it can be your family, carers and friends – it can be the people that you share your home with and people that you miss seeing at the moment.

Each day this week choose someone from your list and write a note saying something special about them that you love. You can download download our Do-BeMindful Notes:Envelope to do this.

At the end of this 7 day challenge, share the notes that you’ve written with the people you love. For the people in your home you might put your note under their pillow as a lovely surprise for them to find. For others, you can read these notes out to them as a lovely surprise the next time you speak to them in a call.
Notice how it feels to tell the people you love how much they mean to you. You’ll make everyone smile and feel happy – and it will make you smile and feel happy too!


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