For Early Years

Simple, engaging and calming, Do-BeMindful Mindfulness-based Activities and Resilience-based Recovery Activities and Do-BeMindful Outdoor Activities are used by over 300 Early Years Settings to help children develop important life skills and healthy habits of mind that will benefit mental wellbeing and emotional resilience.


Do-BeMindful Activities for Early Years are divided into three themes:

  • Breathe and Begin – to help us pause, focus and connect with our breath and the present moment.
  • Pause and Practice – to help us to develop healthy habits of mind and manage our everyday emotions.
  • Relax and Reflect – to help us relax, reflect and reconnect with ourselves and others.

“We use the Do-BeMindful Resilience-based Recovery Programme to encourage a whole-school, holistic approach to wellbeing. The Early Years activities have been fantastic in engaging parents in the weekly home learning activities. Our children enjoy doing their daily breathing practice and ask regularly to do the activities.”

P1 Teacher, Hallglen Primary, Falkirk

“ I have seen first hand the benefits that Do-BeMindful is having on the children in our care. We take time to breathe, we now ‘work’ daily on regulating ourselves. Thank you! ”

Child Development Officer, Glasgow, Scotland

“I found it enlightening and empowering to become a mindful practitioner. I love sharing mindfulness-based activities with the children and encouraging them to become mindful of their own health and wellbeing during such tough and uncertain times.”

Buclyvie Nursery, Glasgow, Scotland

“The Do-BeMindful Resilience-based Recovery programme has made me more aware of how trauma affects everyone. The window of tolerance was very interesting and I feel as an Early Years Practitioner that this highlights what an important role we play in children’s lives. We can help expand their window of tolerance, teach them how to talk about their feelings, help them regulate themselves and work with them to identify their triggers. The Early Years Activities are great too. Thank you for providing this programme and supporting us at a time when we need to support the young people in our care the most.”

Early Years Practitioner, Bonnybroom Nursery, Glasgow, Scotland