For Secondary

Do-BeMindful offers a whole-school approach to wellbeing to nurture a kind, supportive and compassionate culture within the community.

Our programmes help young people to develop positive mental health habits and are for every learner, not just those at the point of need. The lessons are based around core themes such as Coping with Uncertainty, Relationships and Device Free Time. A beautifully designed journal is provided for every learner to record and reflect on their journey.


We believe in building capacity in staff so that they experience the benefits of our approach themselves and feel confident in delivering our programmes. Completion of our Educators Programmes: Do-BeMindful Foundation Programme, Resilience based Recovery: Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Programme or Do-BeMindful Outdoors Nature-based Mindfulness is pre-requisite in advancing to our teaching programme below for secondary learners.


” I would strongly recommend Resilience-based Recovery for everyone – it is very informative and gives you a skillset that will be able to help not only a child or young person, but adults during hard times especially times like now with the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

Teacher, Ashton Secondary, Glasgow

Do-BeMindful Resilience-based Recovery Programme for Secondary Schools: 3rd / 4th level and KS 3 and 4


This programme is designed to help secondary school pupils nurture their mental wellbeing and build the emotional resilience needed in uncertain times.


The aim of this programme is to present a series of challenges to learners that require a creative response which can in itself help young people to become more resilient and able to thrive in a changing world by being adaptable, flexible and inventive.


We connect Mindfulness-based learning activities that take place both in school and at home, facilitate learner conversations and encourage peer-to-peer learning that develop a range of important life skills such as curiosity, open-mindedness, imagination and problem-solving – together these help to improve mental wellbeing and build a foundation for emotional resilience.

Do-BeMindful Nature-based Mindfulness Secondary Programme for 3rd/4th level and KS3 and 4


This 8 week Pioneers Nature-based Mindfulness programme helps learners to develop mindful attributes and effective coping skills whilst creating a deeper connection to and appreciation of nature.


Learners are encouraged to explore themselves and some of life’s challenges through our natural environment as well as to develop pro-environmental behaviours.