Our Stories

Since the launch of Do-BeMindful in 2017, we have developed a successful track record in delivering positive impacts and measurable outcomes for learners’ mental wellbeing within Early Years Settings and schools.


While we formally measure and evaluate programme outcomes these can found here, we are most proud of the personal testimonies provided by our educators and young learners who explain how empowering our Mindfulness-based education has been for them.

What teachers and learners say

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Do-BeMindful Programme and would recommend it without hesitation. Through developing my own Mindfulness practise as a result of this course, I have seen my stress levels reduce and experienced a marked improvement in my sleep. The information throughout the course is interesting with a combination of videos, practices and research. I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned with my pupils.”

Teacher, St Francis of Assisi Primary, Glasgow

“I really enjoyed the Do-BeMindful Foundation Programme – very informative and helps to nurture and support wellbeing. Fantastic resources tailored to the curriculum and four core purposes for Wales.”

Head Teacher, Millbrook Primary, Wales

Benefits in the words of young people
Why Do-BeMindful?
Why a whole-school approach?
The Positive Impacts
  • Cultivates self-care and compassion
  • Develops emotional regulation and balance
  • Improves sleep and overall wellbeing
  • Improves relational presence and connection
  • Promotes creativity and cognitive flexibility
  • Increases attention and concentration
  • Nurtures a calm, kind and hopeful culture
  • Empowers educators and learners
  • Develops effective coping strategies and agency