For Educators

Do-BeMindful offers three enriching and empowering programmes which are accredited by GTCS, CPD Standards and endorsed by Education Scotland:


Do-BeMindful Foundation Programme
(2.5 hours CPD)


The Do-BeMindful Foundation Programme helps Educators to:

  • Understand the importance of investing in their own self-care and wellbeing.
  • Foster a regular personal wellbeing practice.
  • Embody the core competencies of a mindful educator.
  • Create a safe, inclusive and compassionate learning environment.
  • Develop and sustain positive relationships within schools and the wider community.
  • Build capacity and skills to help learners feel safe, regulated, ready to learn and emotionally resilient.
Accredited by GTCS, CPD Standards & Endorsed by Education Scotland

“I’ve come to a frightening conclusion that I’m the decisive element in the classroom. It’s my personal approach that creates the climate. It’s my daily mood that makes the weather… it is my response that decides whether a crisis will be escalated or de-escalated.”


Trauma-sensitive Mindfulness Programme

(2.5 hours CPD)

Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness Programme helps Educators to:

  • Explore how trauma impacts development and behaviour.
  • Build supportive and responsive relationships to ensure a safe and secure environment for all.
  • Provide the knowledge and understanding needed to be Trauma-sensitive in their approach.
  • Cultivate awareness and apply alternative mindful teaching approaches in a trauma-sensitive context.
  • Model positive behaviours and life-skills within the learning community.
  • Challenge assumptions, biases and professional practice.
  • Develop emotional resilience.

Nature-based Mindfulness Programme (1 hour CPD)

Do-BeMindful Outdoors helps Educators to:

  • Explore how the overuse of technology and artificial lighting impacts physical, cognitive and emotional development.
  • Consider the science and research evidence of spending time in nature.
  • Understand how regular nature-based mindfulness can inspire children to develop empathic, compassionate pro-environmental behaviours.
  • Develop their own personal outdoor mindfulness practice.
  • Improve their wellbeing as well as connection to and appreciation of nature.
  • Apply nature-based teaching approaches in an outdoor context.

All our professional learning programmes are comprised of 60 to 90 minute Modules that become available weekly which include:

  • Research and evidence
  • Inspiring videos
  • Guided experiential practices
  • Reflection exercises
  • Additional optional resources for further professional enquiry
  • An online community with over 2000 active contributors for on-going peer-to-peer support
  • Online drop-in support sessions. You can view our 2022 Support Schedule here
  • Sharing of best practice, emerging ideas and approaches that embrace diversity
  • Wellbeing activities underpinned with SHANARRI indicators (Scotland) / Four Purposes (Wales)

A fundamental part of both programmes occurs in between the time spent on these weekly modules when educators engage in experiential learning practices.


On completion of these prerequisite programmes, education professionals will have confidence to build on their own learned experience to deliver our Do-BeMindful programmes for Early Years, Primary and Secondary learners.

“A thought provoking programme which encourages self-reflection and growth for teachers, as well as providing practical tools for use in the classroom.”

Teacher, Hallglen Primary School, Falkirk, Scotland

“The Do-BeMindful Foundation Programme helped me to feel calmer and take a bit of self-care when I wasn’t having any. I have realised that to be a better mum/wife/teacher I need to give time and space to myself and not just to those I care for.”

Teacher, Llanfoist Fawr Primary, Monmouthshire, Wales

“This programme is very well-structured and insightful. It has the power to change the way in which we see ourselves and the world around us and make sense of abstract concepts.”

Teacher, Llantilio Pertholey Primary School, Monmouthshire, Wales