For Primary

Do-BeMindful offers an evidence-based, whole-school approach to wellbeing designed to nurture a kind and compassionate culture within the community. All programmes for children and young people are delivered via our purpose-built online learning platform.

Our programmes help children and young people to develop positive mental health habits and are for every child in your school, not just those at the point of need. They are based around the same core themes and progress on skills, content and sophistication.

Our philosophy is about building capacity in staff so that they experience the benefits of our approach themselves and feel confident in delivering our programmes. Completion of our Educators’ programmes: Do-BeMindful Foundation Programme or Resilience-based Recovery: Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Programme is pre-requisite in advancing to our teaching programmes below for young learners.

Do-BeMindful Adventurers Programme:

1st level/Foundation/Key Stage 1


This fun and engaging 8 week programme provides everything you need to develop social and emotional skills and resilience in your learners including:

  • Detailed lesson plans
  • PPTs
  • Guided Audios
  • Workbooks
  • Daily Breathing Practices
  • Home Learning Activities
  • Extension Activities
  • Curriculum Links
  • Pre/post Pupil Wellbeing Evaluations

“Do-BeMindful Adventurers is an engaging, fun, thought-provoking and incredibly worthwhile programme to support us, as adults, to deliver mindfulness-based education to our young learners to support their wellbeing.”

Neyland Community School, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Do-BeMindful Explorers Programme:

2nd Level/Key Stage 2/Lower Secondary


This programme contains 16 lessons to be delivered over 8 weeks to help learners to develop healthy habits of mind and transformative, lasting life-skills that will benefit their mental health, emotional wellbeing and academic performance.

“I particularly enjoyed the neuroscience and the teaching tips sections in this programme. I do believe for it to work teachers have to practise themselves. The Explorers programme will help many of our pupils who are dealing with stress and anxiety to build resilience.”

Teacher, North Bute Primary, Argyll and Bute, Scotland

“Our pupils (ASN) enjoyed the Explorer’s programme. I noticed a particular improvement in impulse control and attention”

Teacher, Ashton Secondary School, Scotland

“Great resources and information worksheets. Very well established techniques and amazing videos and demonstrations for advice and learning.”

ELO, Bonnybroom Glasgow

“Use the Hope and Mole activity, my pupils and I loved it!”.

Teacher, Millbrook Primary School, Newport, Wales

“A thought provoking programme which encourages self-reflection and growth for teachers, as well as providing practical tools or use in the classroom.”

Teacher, Hallglen Primary School, Falkirk

Do-BeMindful Resilience-based Recovery Programme for Primary Schools:

1st Level/Foundation/KS1/2nd Level/KS2


This programme offers 8 weeks of Whole-School Activities to help children and families build the emotional resilience that they need to cope with the anxiety and stress that can come with modern living.


Our Activities help children find ways to process, express and accept what they have been through, and are currently feeling and thinking, in a safe and calm way. We also aim to help children learn adaptive and effective coping strategies which lay the foundation for building emotional resilience.

Request the Resilience-based Recovery Programme for Primary outline by emailing

Do-BeMindful Outdoors: Navigators & Pioneers Programme: 1st Level/Foundation/KS1 and 2nd Level/KS2

This 8 week programme helps learners to develop mindful attributes and effective coping skills whilst creating a deeper connection to and appreciation of nature in a fun and engaging way.


Learners are encouraged to explore themselves and some of life’s challenges through our natural environment as well as to develop pro-environmental behaviours.